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Elite Paint Correction & Protection Solutions in the (GTA)


Protection Solutions

LUXE offers ceramic coatings, paint protection, paint correction, section wet sanding, scratch repair,

 paint chip repair, headlight restoration and vehicle aesthetic packages created to best combine yours and your vehicle's specific needs. To the Streets, to the water or even small commercial aircrafts, our services provide restoration & protection packages for all.


The Canadian climate can be harsh, especially on your vehicle's exterior. Check out our packages to see which Ceramic Coating best suits your vehicle's needs! Warranty is included with every coating.


Have you noticed your car's paint is looking dull? Do you see mild to moderate swirl marks on the surface of your vehicle? Our paint restoration packages are the perfect solution to get your vehicle looking good as new!


From full colour changes, accent pieces, to clear or satin paint protection film, we can customize your vehicle to bring your vision to life and provide the style &

protection it deserves.

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Dents and dings can not only be visually unappealing but can also cause irreversible damage. Instead of worrying about having to replace panels, PDR is an efficient solution for both time and money! Contact us for your FREE quote today.

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